WAllpaper Podcast

Welcome to Wallpaper, an experimental podcast exploring the natural and unnatural sounds around us. What does it sound like to make coffee in a kitchen? What if you could take the sound of the park anywhere you go? Want to take the sound walking a dog with you on the train? This is a fun project I designed to explore the sounds we don’t normally pay any attention to. Although it may seem counterintuitive I am excited to share these explorations with everyone who is interested.

The podcast itself will be kept as minimal as possible and from the website I will share the details of how I recorded and produced the episode. All episodes will be available for high quality download from the website for a small for use in any way you like. Although attribution is always appreciated it will not be necessary.

If you are interested and want to hear more go head and check it out for yourself. Available on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Wallpaper is an exploration in slow content. Highlighting the natural and unnatural soundscapes around us. The sounds in between, the sounds we don’t pay attention to when we are there in the moment. You will want to have headphones for this one!

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